Not Yo Mama's Affairs Craft Fair
Not Yo Mama's Affairs Craft Fair

About NYM

Not Yo Mama’s Affairs LLC (NYM) is an event planning company which coordinates craft fairs, based out of Jersey City, New Jersey, founded by artist Megan Gulick in 2009. In 2011, NYM welcomed aboard artist/curator Michelle Mumoli to the mix. Our company was started with the idea of bringing high end crafting into the mainstream and helping develop the business of thousands of artisan crafters. We partner with local/community non-profit organizations to set up fairs and ultimately donate a portion of the proceeds to that partnering organization.

Read on to hear a tale of small little craft company that made it to the big time…

[“Once upon a time, in a land called  “The Dirty Jerz”, three crafty ladies sat in a craft circle drinking raspberry moonshine, playing with googly eyes & hot glue guns while daydreaming of bringing attention to local talent; talent that couldn’t rely on (or solely benefit from) gallery representation. They agreed that Jersey City is rich with fabulous high-end artists, with art openings occurring weekly, but felt that there wasn’t an adequate venue for the abundant amount of local artisans to show off their high quality hand-made goods. {“We have a passion for our community and the arts!”} they cried, and hatched a plan to host a craft fair supporting local artisans who thought outside the box, re-purposed existing materials, and/or created useful, unique artful pieces. They stood up, marched out of the room (after unplugging their glue guns) and set about executing the very first Not Yo Mama’s Craft Fair March 28, 2009. With the help of Time Out New York, Matt Pinfield (101.9 RXP) and a handful of incredible volunteers their initial effort was received with great fanfare and excitement!

In 2010, the Not Yo Mama’s Ladies did a 2nd annual Craft Fair, and did it with MORE googly eyes, glitz and glitter! Taking over 7500 square feet at Parlay Studios, they packed the venue with 65 vendors, 5 local bands, and nearly 1000 attendees! This was the sign for these lovely ladies that “The Dirty Jerz” did, indeed, have a need and interest for indie events like these in their fair land. “But wait! These events should be about giving back to our community!” they exclaimed. And so they did. That year, with the help of their fellow citizens, they were able to make a donation to their charity partner, Arts to Grow.

June 25, 2011 they threw their 3rd Annual on a 60,000 sq ft lot at 107 Morgan Street in Downtown Jersey City. Thats right, ’twas OUT of DOORS!! They featured over 100 artisan vendors, live music, beer tents, local food trucks, and plenty of entertainment and giveaways. With Peace by Piece Studio as their charity partner, there were opportunities to participate in on-site sewing projects to benefit those in need.”]

Good story, eh? Yes. We thought you’d enjoy it. It’s all true, too!

In 2011 NYM had a couple of well-received and very successful firsts. In June 2011, Not Yo Mama’s Craft Fair held it’s 3rd Annual Fair in an outdoor lot in Jersey City’s Powerhouse District, with 100 vendors including food trucks and live music from Jersey City, Brooklyn, Philly, DC and beyond, to set up shop and sell their wares. Our vendors create a wide range of handmade goods; jewelry, handcrafted leather, stationary, original artwork, home goods as well as furniture.

Not Yo Mama’s is constantly inspired and motivated by their community and the talented artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs that surround them. Now, they are in the midst of planning 15 scheduled yearly events and are eager to continue growing. It’s been an amazing way to spend the days; meeting folks from near and far, partnering with charitable organizations to raise funds for their noble causes, shopping & celebrating the power of creative thinkers!

Not Yo’ Mama’s team looks forward to continuing to serve fellow crafters and relishes the opportunity to support the non-profits who make communities a better place.