Not Yo Mama's Affairs Craft Fair
Not Yo Mama's Affairs Craft Fair

Vendor FAQs

Hey, I wanna sell what I make at “Not Yo Mama’s Craft Fair!”

Applicants are deemed eligible if they have:  

1) High quality, original creative work that they have made by hand (or sewing machine, or whatnot).
This includes original design work, fine art and fine craft
-or- High end vintage wear. (Simple, second-hand thrift store wear is not acceptable)
2) An active manner to already sell their art and saleable creations, i.e. website (Etsy & facebook count), and be at least semi-professional in their artistic endeavors. Applicants MUST HAVE INVENTORY ready to sell.

“Not Yo Mama’s Craft Fair” will be accepting everything from jewelry and sewn items to paper goods and zines. We are looking for great tchotkes, whosimiwhatsits, thingies, smellerifics, etc. that fall outside the realm of your usual stodgy, old craft fair & flea market stuff.

How can I be a vendor?

You must fill out the application form and submit it, along with the specified non-refundable application fee (payable via PayPal or check) by the specified deadline (if applicable).  Applicants will be notified of acceptance to the Fair (typically a week after the application deadline, or a month from the event date). If you are accepted, an additional vendor participation/space fee will be due by a specified date. If you do not pay the vendor fee, you will not be able to participate in the Fair. See application for additional information.

What does my vendor participation fee include?

The fee includes your allotted vending space. You may bring your own table but it MUST fit in the allotted space. If you would like to rent a table ($15 each) and/or chairs ($5 each), please email us and include the rental cost with your vendor participation fee. You are responsible for supplying your own display items (e.g. table clothes, jewelry displays, Lucite boxes, etc.).  Whenever it’s an outdoor event, you are also responsible for bringing any weather-related coverage (e.g. tent, plastic, canopy, etc.). If you have special needs, please contact the event organizers at the time of acceptance. Your company/brand will also receive mention on select promotional materials, e.g. website (with a hotlink to your website when possible), e-mail blasts, etc.

Can I join with a friend?

Absolutely. We ask, though, that you EACH apply individually. And, if both accepted, you will need to note at the time of acceptance that you’ll be sharing one vending space. Please email:

Is this fair juried?

“Not Yo Mama’s Craft Fair” is limited in the amount of creative folks who can participate. We will accept all applications and jury them based on how your items fit with the vision of the particular event (meaning, crafts/designs that not any old grandma can pawn off… it’s gotta be FAB, dammit!), the quality and uniqueness of your wares (especially within your particular category) and how they are represented in your application (for example: if you send us a link to a website that is under construction, the jury has nothing to judge).
If you aren’t accepted for one particular event, it doesn’t mean we don’t like what you’re doing or that you’re never going to get into one of our events. So, we encourage you to take it with a grain of salt and hit us up the next time.  

If I am not selected for the fair, is my application fee refundable?

NO.  Again, processing/application fees are non-refundable. This application fee does NOT count toward the space fee. 

What happens if it rains?

As much as we are control freaks, we haven’t figured out how to control the weather. A little rain doesn’t usually hurt anyone. If we cancel the event due to weather, we will let you know before the event takes place. If an event is cancelled due to weather, we will make our best attempt to reschedule the event! Please note that you are responsible for providing all weather protection for your items (i.e. – tent, plastic, weights for windy conditions, etc…)… this goes for sunshine as well!

Will the venue take a percentage of my sales?

NO way, Jose. It is your responsibility to handle all moneys (cash, credit, check) at your booth.

Am I responsible for my own taxes?

YES. It is your responsibility to register your small business with the IRS and collect sales tax for the items you are selling. When the tax man comes around, you’ll have to pay income tax on the items you sold and the sales tax to the state to the state of New Jersey. Contact the Internal Revenue Service and New Jersey Department of Revenue for additional information about your tax liabilities.

Hey, I wouldn’t mind being a sponsor for extra exposure too!

Really? Great! Contact us at the email below and we will give you additional information on how to be a sponsor. You’ll receive bonus exposure on our promotional materials and website, plus more!